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AIST Awards 2017 Winner – Mercy Super personalised video

Mercy Super, the corporate super fund established for employees of Mercy Partners or other Sisters of Mercy organisations, has won the Best Direct Mail Campaign over $40,000 at the AIST Awards for Excellence 2017.

The win recognises the excellence of Mercy Super’s personalised eDM campaigns using video targeted at different stages of the member journey.

What we did

Working closely with our client Mercy Super and with Creativa Videos as our video partner has been a terrific collaboration that’s not only produced award winning work but also measurable outcomes and benefits for members.

In common with most super funds, Mercy Super recognised that member-initiated engagement is low until an event occurs that prompts action. Mercy Super’s response was to develop segmented, personalised interactions at various stages of a member’s journey to build engagement, trust and loyalty.

Using video, members get a ‘real-time’ snapshot of their super and income account balances, insurance cover, contributions and withdrawals, as well as a ‘health check’ of steps taken to date and next best steps as calls to action.

Key to Mercy Super’s win was a focus on results

Success was measured by how members acted on the next best steps. Results over 12 months were both qualitative and quantitative, and included:

1. 10% increase in new member beneficiary nominations
2. 10% increase in members logging into Member Online
3. Increase in roll-in FUM
4. Improvement in member satisfaction, and
5. Increase in members retained after job change

Our client says

Craig Keath, Marketing and Communications Manager at Mercy Super says: “Marketing through video lets us show members how their super is tracking on a regular basis in a simple and engaging way. By leveraging the power of data to personalise and building the video in modules means we can repurpose rich media across a variety of campaigns and communications now and in the future. For us, that’s the long-term value”, adds Craig.

Craig Keath, Marketing and Communications Manager, Mercy Super

Find out more about our work with Mercy Super.

About the AIST Awards for Excellence

The program celebrates all the amazing work of those within the profit-to-member superannuation sector striving to deliver projects, campaigns and solutions that are in the best interests of their members.

Find out more about AIST Awards.

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IABC Gold Quill Winner – Australia Post career workbooks

According to IABC “Gold Quill winners represent a global community executing their responsibilities ethically and to the highest standards of the profession. These exemplary practitioners deliver high-impact results for their organisations and clients, taking communication to the next level.”

About the career workbooks

Free, confidential career coaching is available to employees through Australia Post’s initiative Post People 1st (PP1st). In 2015, in anticipation of higher demand for coaching due to accelerating business change, Post commissioned six career workbooks. The workbooks were designed for employees to self-service online, for managers to use with direct reports, and for PP1st coaches to use with clients.

What we did

Working closely with PP1st, Transform envisaged the structure, format and content plan for the six workbooks matched to Australia Post’s career pathways wheel and then went on to research, write and produce them. The workbooks were designed to be easy to read and navigate, interactive, hands on and practical, packed with useful information, worksheets, activities, inspirational quotes and more.

The result

In the first 12 months there was strong uptake with 48% (15,700) of employees downloading the workbook New Job Inside Australia Post and 19% (6,171) the other workbooks. There was a 12 point lift in the Net Promoter Score on coaching quality in the 12 months after the launch of the workbooks and an 86% increase in requests for coaching.

Our client says

Managers and employees at our facilities enjoy using these workbooks as a support tool to enable them to have better conversations with their staff. Our Post People 1st coaches encourage the use of these workbooks during their coaching sessions to encourage the employees to manage their own careers. Transform pitched them just right for our people, many of whom haven’t looked for a job for 10, 20, 30 years or more.
Karen Jacobson – Team Manager Post People 1st Careers, Australia Post

Find out more about Post People 1st.

About the Gold Quill Awards

For more than 40 years, IABC’s Gold Quill Awards have recognised and awarded excellence in strategic communication worldwide. The Gold Quill Awards honor the dedication, innovation and passion of communicators on a global scale with a focus on achieving solid business outcomes.

The IABC 2017 Gold Quill Awards will be presented at IABC’s World Conference, to be held in Washington, D.C. 11–14 June 2017. Find out more about World Conference.

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IABC Gold Quill Winner – Post People First

In 2015 Australia Post’s PP1st team decided to refresh its Job Information Circular, a print publication used to advertise internal job vacancies. Prior to the refresh, the JIC was arriving late at interstate facilities and was time consuming to produce.

Transform developed a new content plan, look and feel, production process and workflow for the JIC to better meet the needs of employees and Australia Post. We reduced the production time by one third, automated the work process and introduced efficiencies while making the listings more user friendly and improving the visual appeal and overall quality of the content.

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