Transform’s brand story

15 years of Transform

Who we are and what we do

We’re the communications agency for super, reward, employee and change communications. Being specialist is what sets us apart.

Our areas of specialist expertise have evolved over the years, as you’ll see in our brand story.

Our current logo, launched in April 2017, was created by the design agency U-bahn. The tagline The expert by your side is all us.

We aspire to work in partnership with our clients as their trusted advisor – to walk by their side. Credibility, reliability, building a genuine connection and acting in our clients’ best interests are core for us.

Specialist expertise is half our story, applying it to deliver measurable results is the other half. We’re all about motivating behaviours and generating outcomes.

Turning complex information into clear communication. Cutting through complexity to deliver compelling content. Bringing clarity of thinking to complex situations.

Those things are as true now as they were back in 2012 when we came up with Complex to clear for our tagline. The talented Karen Rumley from ID Yours designed this logo, complete with accompanying squiggle.

We started off life in 2003 as Transform Consulting, with a focus on employee communication and change and organisational development (OD) consulting, Which is why Business success through people was our very first tagline – but one we dropped in 2005.

That was the year we added our first superannuation client, CONNECT Super (since merged with Cbus). Strategically we shifted our business to be a specialist communications agency, moving away from OD consulting and became plain “Transform”.

Karen Rumley designed our first logo, refreshed it in 2012 and continues working closely on many of our client projects. Which makes me reflect…

While some things change, others stay the same

Our core values from 2003 are the same today, continuing to underpin our brand and our behaviours.
* Client satisfaction – practical solutions our clients own and value.
Results – measurable or demonstrable business value.
Quality – our clients are entitled to our best work.
Relationships –we value people and relationships.
Innovation – we’re “expert learners” actively learning and growing with our clients.

We continue building on these in line with our brand values – retaining our focus on clients, results and quality but with increased emphasis on our people and sustainable growth.

An enduring vision

Delivering quality work, benchmarking against the best globally, producing measurable results, working with a talented team – including an extended team of expert communications suppliers – and having some fun along the way… that pretty much sums up my vision when I founded Transform.

While not everything’s gone to plan, I’m grateful that much of the time we’ve been able to live that vision.

If you’re reading this, chances are you helped get us to where we are today.

You have my wholehearted thanks for being part of our journey.

Oh yes and stay tuned: there’s more to come!


Christine Dvoracek

Director & CEO, Transform

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